A write-up for my Social Media idea, Polaris.

Last Updated: 14/09/2023

As a site, Polaris aims to battle the common causes of Social Media Addiction.

These can include poor self-image, an addiction to content, etc...

My aim is to create a platform that is as minimal as possible, with allowing you to only digest the content that you really need. That means, no analytics, no recommended posts in your feed, no bullshit news articles, and more.

Polaris will aim to be a platform part of the Fediverse, so that (should people choose to), they can begin to view more content from other platforms, as well as start their own self-hosted Polaris server.

Polaris will have a two main servers across the platform, one for commercal accounts (News Organisations, Companies, etc...), and one for people only, that means that if you should choose to, you don't have to view anything from the other feeds, you can simply choose to only view real people in your feed.

There will be different levels of allowance on Polaris in terms of posting. For commercial accounts, they will be able to post images, videos, etc... however for the standard user accounts, only text will be allowed.

Polaris's main source of revenue will come from user-uploaded advertisements, which will go through a lengthy moderation process to ensure that it is suitable for the Polaris platform, self-hosted instances of Polaris may change their requirements.

Many of these changes will be configurable on a self-hosted instance of Polaris, to allow a server admin to change their instance to how they see fit.