Hi! I'm Jack Eilles.

Software + Web Developer and Full Time Student

I'm a 17 year-old software developer from the UK studying T-Level Digital Production, Design, and Development, with an interest in FOSS, Music Production, and Amateur Radio.

New site coming soon.

You can find me on:

Blog Posts

13/09/2023 - How I got HPE iLO 3 working on a modern version of Firefox.

14/09/2023 - A Write-up for my Social Media Idea, Polaris.


There are a few ways you can contact me:

Main Email: jack[at]eilles.xyz

Xenia Linux: jack[at]xenialinux.com

Discord: jack.xenia

IRC: Sometimes active in ##gnu/crack on libera.chat

Phone: 01207 664409 {professional calls only.)

Radio (70cm): If you know me and live in my local area, put a call out on 433.500MHz for M7EIL. (yes, radio, you read that right.)

I can't guarantee I'll recieve your call over Radio, if I do, I'll respond.