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There are quite a few ways to contact me, which I will list here:


I have quite a few E-Mail addresses, the ones you're most likely to get a response from are:

These addresses are listed in order of likelihood of me seeing your E-Mail.


I have two phone numbers which are to be used only for legitimate purposes only.

I usually don't expect calls on these numbers unless planned beforehand through any other methods of communication. If a call is recieved that is just to annoy me, your number will probably get blocked.


If you'd like to message me, you can do so through Discord, Signal, or Telegram.

On Signal and Telegram, you can use the mobile number (07) to message me, and for Discord you can message 'jackeilles'.

These platforms are probably what I check most, so if you want a quick response, try reaching out on those first.

I do also have an IRC bouncer active on libera.chat under the nick 'jackeilles', however I don't check that too often, if I'm online, I'll respond though.

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