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I'm Jack, one of the many software developers in the United Kingdom, interested in anything from cybersecurity to obscure device modding. I'm a massive *nix nerd and I enjoy messing around with both hardware and software.

I have experience in a variety of different programming languages and frameworks, primarily Python but I'm making the effort to learn C, and maybe Rust to get more into low-level development.

I do currently have a part-time job, along with that I have my own projects as well which I maintain in my free time.

I've taken an interest in cybersecurity and just breaking software recently, seeing small things I can find that can be blown up into a massive security hole, its rather interesting and something I do enjoy messing about with from time to time with my own equipment.

I also produce a large assortment of music under a few different alias's, recently I've been experimenting with hard dance music (uptempo), and jungle/breakcore. Normally I'd produce progressive house tracks, which I still do from time to time, I'm currently working on a new EP to release with progressive house music in.

I also DJ on the side too, its quite a fun hobby and I'm hoping at one point to be able to turn it into something that I can do on the side.

Feel free to download my latest CV here: CV.pdf.


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